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Association of drainers of Guinea


The Association "A.V.G" has the following objectives :

  • To promote the activity of the emptiers in Guinea;
  • To fight for the reopening and the creation of new sites of modern dumping recycling of the sludge of emptying being able to allow the re-use of these waste by the recycling
  • Fight for the closure of illegal dumpsites in Guinea;
  • Support private operators in the management of their businesses:
  • To sensitize the Guinean population on the importance of the emptying;
  • To fight against the insalubrity caused by the nauseating odors of the gutters in the City of Conakry:
  • Encourage public authorities to involve private operators of faecal sludge in sanitation decisions in Guinea;
  • Seek funding/subsidies for private operators;
  • Promote the training of private operators in the practice of emptying, unclogging and cleaning;
  • Seek sub-regional, regional and international partnerships for the exchange of experiences, expertise and training.
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