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Association of Sanitation Actors of Senegal


The Association of Sanitation Actors of Senegal (AAAS) was created in 2007 by all the owners of vacuum trucks and is now extended to all the actors of sanitation with the following objectives

  • To act in order to unite all stakeholders in the sanitation sector
  • To give absolute priority to the defense of the interest of this sector
  • To be active in order to have adequate human and material means for any success
  • To safeguard and watch over the respect of the environment and public health standards for the interest of all.

To date, AAAS has more than one hundred (100) members present in all regions of Senegal and who manage about two hundred and fifty (250) hydro-cleaning trucks.

Our various fields of intervention are :

  • Maintenance and cleaning of wastewater and rainwater networks
  • Maintenance and cleaning of sewage sludge stations
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Pumping and transport of oils
  • Pumping of rainwater
  • Emptying of septic tanks.
  • Various other works


  • Regrouping the members and revitalizing the association
  • Mutualization of our means to make our activities more profitable
  • Census of individual sanitation areas
  • Setting up of the customer network
  • Creation of a database and analysis of the results of activities
  • Setting up of a collection and removal plan (cartography)
  • Creation of a subscription system with an e-money payment
  • Reflection on the ways and means for partnerships with a view to setting up a system of bank financing and/or subsidies
  • The renewal of the vehicle fleet
  • The multiplication of sludge stations especially in areas of high affluence
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